Hey people! It’s me! And I have an announcement to make.

There will be no post today because I will be attempting something a little bit different.

I will be trying to make another YouTube video! A little playthrough and review of Bendy and the Ink Machine created by theMeatly Games, a free indie horror puzzle game that I found online. It interested me and I am thoroughly dreading playing it since I usually suck with horror. But I might as well give it a go since it just looks so cool! I love the aesthetic that the game has and it’s made me willing to push through my usual horror bias to check it out. Aparrently it’s quite good.

If you want to check it out and play it for yourself, I’d recommend downloading it and donating to support the creator! Also check out theMeatly’s website where he does a webcomic, just like everyone and their dog these days.

So yeah, look forward to me getting angry at the inevitable jumpscares. I’ll be back with more plot next time!


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