Hey everyone! So for one of my classes in university we were required to write a very short fanfiction piece that we would later discuss. I think since this blog is supposed to be about me writing I may as well show you what I’ve written, so enjoy! This is just going to be an extra little piece along with my regular (ha.) uploads. It’s only around 350 words so you can read it, hopefully enjoy it, and then go back to doing whatever all you miserable people do with your time.

The polished brass bell rocked back and forth, its tolling loud and repetitive. It wasn’t long before a hand grasped it, silencing its chiming. The hand placed the floating bell down back on the bedside table before its owner groaned and sat up, bedsheets bundling up around their legs. He rubbed his aching head. How much did he have to drink last night? He remembered going to the Winchester with a few of his mates after work, but that was about it. Maybe he’d flirted with Suzy? He’d have to try charming his memory so he could remember. But first he’d have to test his hangover cure.

Throwing himself out of his bed, he made his way downstairs to fetch those new tablets from the supermarket. Muggle science seemed to be catching up with wizarding magic almost to the point where it might surpass it, and the Ministry had taken notice. So it was his job to test these things and see how they worked. Then again blacking out last night probably wasn’t in the job description. He really hoped he hadn’t said anything too embarrassing to Suzy.

Now in his unassuming kitchen, he set down a notepad and a quill before he prepared this ‘muggle potion’. There was a familiar sense of ritual with a lot of these products of muggle science. The way the dry little orange tablet fizzed and blended with the water amused him. If only potion-making was this convenient for wizards. He looked over to his quill, diligently jotting down everything that happened with the tablet. He downed the glass, as per its instructions, as the quill noted the flavour.

‘Flavour: pleasant; orange. Effects: to be determined.’

Sighing as he set the glass down, he looked around the kitchen before hearing something. Footsteps. Suzy was in the open doorframe, wearing nothing but a dishevelled button-up shirt. Her blue eyes widened with surprise.

“Allan! I didn’t think you’d be up yet.” She said, her eyes flicking between him and the table. “What… is that?”

The ‘that’ in question was the quill, still writing diligently.

“Oh dear.” Allan gulped.


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