Uh… Hey guys. So you haven’t heard from me for a while. Don’t worry, I’m totally fine. I’ve just been very busy moving back into my new dorms at UNIVERSITY!!!

*Party blower noises*

I think I should have everything under control for what I’m doing this year. I even managed to score some pretty cool roomies this time around.

roomie_and_lt_watching_xena_by_batlesbo-d9h6yb2(Yeah, not quite.)

That’s where I stand right now. Hopefully I’d be able to keep supplying you guys with whatever it is you guys visit my blog for. One day I’ll have to do a poll or something to see what people want to see more of for my blog. Maybe a strawpoll or something. Or you could just tell me in the comments. That might be easier.

Hang tight guys! I’ll get something out to you guys next week!


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