Hey there everyone, it’s me again! Hope everyone had a good holiday! Sorry if my updates were a little, uh, nonexistant these past few weeks. I had figured that very few people would be paying attention to my dinky little blog while they’re spending time with family or however they choose to celebrate the holidays.

So what can we look forward to in the year 2017? More interesting old stuff I dig up, more recent releases in movies, more reliable updates and just more stuff in general.

I also want to hit a goal for my blog this year. So at some point this year I want to double my follower count. Rounding it up because I like nice round numbers, my goal is 350 followers! Like I said in earlier ones of these I’ll be doing YouTube content again at 200 followers and introducing monetisation once I hit 500 followers and I’ll be doing something special once I hit 500.

Tomorrow we’ll get back into business and I’ll upload another Retroactive Review, this time of a little French book filled with optimism and newfound inspiration.


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