This post is important to me. I say that because I don’t like politics. I don’t like American politics in particular. I feel like it’s an unstable pillar of mismatched agendas headed by a single entity with all the power of a high school student council president. And I’m not talking Kill la Kill here. I won’t lie, I am fearful. But I’m not scared of Donald Trump. He’s too much of an idiot and a failure as a businessman to be afraid of. But I’m afraid of what he’ll do to the world.

This is bigger than America. This is bigger than even the world. This is us. Our species. Nothing to do with meaningless symbols and ironic memes, no news outlets, no websites, none of that. Sit down Pepe, you’re not needed here. This is about the apocalypse. I realise that this sounds awfully doomsayer-ish. We survived Y2K. We survived 2012 and its god awful tie-in movie. We’ve survived every hopped up natural disaster foretelling that we’ve come up with. But this is the one that’s really got me worried. Because this time it might actually happen.

This is not a new idea, the world falling to nuclear fire. The Fallout series is entirely based on this premise. America’s already done this dance before in the Cold War that some people seem to think still isn’t over. But do you really want the harbinger of the nuclear apocalypse to be some asshole named Donald?

Now this might be unrealistic to some, yes. Am I stupid for thinking this might happen? Possibly. But is Donald still a good idea for a leader, even if all the red tape nets put in place will hopefully hold him down? HELL. NO. The man has made his fortune lending out his own name and plastering it all over other companies, so many of which have failed and gone into bankruptcy like some bizarro-world King Midas. Just what do you think is going to happen if you let him take control of an entire country? And as this failure of a human being as a figurehead for an entire country, what do you think will be the reaction of every other wannabe world power? America just got over being the laughing stock of the world when Obama came to power. But hey, at least if Trump does come into power it’ll prove that anyone can be a US president! Even the rich white CEOs that everyone claims to hate!

But there’s one thing I find absolutely deplorable about not just Donald but a lot of politics in general. He’s against so many things. Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Mexican, Anti-this, Anti-that. I’ve seen this at my own university too with a group that was more or less named the “We Hate Pauline Hanson Group”. Now I’m no friend of Pauline Hanson. One Nation Australia is just a few steps away from being White Australia. But the way I see it, hatred is never an acceptable platform to base your argument on. This is politics! We as people are meant to be rational, to have a clear head and a clear mind when we decide the fate of our countries, our lives, our world! To fall for the pointless and loud bluster or the avalanche of false promises that come with every election campaign is to be swept up in campaigning spin and all that other shit that advertisers burst out like a shotgun spread into the public.

But honestly, what do I care? I’m an Australian. If worst comes to worst and nuclear war does rain hell on the earth, the worst that would happen is we in the land down under die of whatever nuclear fallout blew our way on the trade winds. After all, what’s the point in nuking Australia? That or the ozone layer being torn away from our planet like the shell of a soft-boiled egg. So while everyone in the northern hemisphere gets lit up like Christmas time on Sydney Harbor Bridge, all we in the land down under have to deal with the slow death of radiation or weather destruction and some dick in a steel gimp mask calling himself Lord Humongous.

I just hope I’m completely wrong on all of this. Hopefully the world’s still here for me to post again and maybe someone will listen. Hopefully I won’t see World War III in my lifetime. Hopefully I won’t be crying as I spot a thousand tiny puffs of smoke on the horizon, knowing that millions of people are dying in the blink of an eye, and there’s nothing I, or anyone, can do to stop it.

I suppose I should thank you for sticking with my insane ramblings, trying to make sense of the world that looks like it’s about to start disintegrating before my very eyes. I’ll leave you with a little music. First is a song by the Crown City Four, written all the way back in the Cold War. And yet today I fear that its poignancy has never been more relevant. But if you’re seeking something a little more current then I’d recommend this one by Gorillaz. It’s a different story but the effect and message is much the same.

Whatever the case may be, this is the last post I ever want to make about politics of any kind. Good Night, and Good Luck.



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