And now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programing. I think it’s time I cover something a little more recent. The first season for acclaimed series Mob Psycho 100 has come to a close, so I wanted to give my thoughts on it. Spoilers: It’s fantastic.

 Mob Psycho 100.jpg(Get your tinfoil at the ready people. It’s about to get weird.)

Created by the near universally acclaimed ONE of One Punch Man fame, Mob Psycho 100 takes a look at young high school student Shigeo, AKA Mob, who has incredibly badass psychic powers. He’s been taken in by a fake medium by the name of Reigen (who by the way is one of the best characters in the show) and together they banish spirits under Reigen’s sham business. Of course there’s more to the plot than that, but I don’t want to give too much away.

First of all, the style is striking and unique. ONE’s style of art had started out as some pretty amateurish sketches at best, but with him at the helm of this show he proves just how far he’s come in the art department. The animation is flat out gorgeous, especially in the show’s opening and ending credits as well as the trippy psychic battles and spiritual escapades. are you not running yet?)

What’s even more impressive than the show’s animation is the story that we’re shown. Mob’s life is one that’s more on the lonesome side. Emotionally muted, he doesn’t have very many friends at school. He’s shy and quietly pines after the prettiest girl there. The usual stuff. One might think that Mob could easily be popular, famous even, by showing off his powers or even just using them in public. But it’s Mob’s humility that really sets him as a truly great character. Of course he has his own emotions just like any human might. Heck, Mob not knowing how to deal with his own emotions is one of the show’s major plot points. But the fact that he chooses not to rely on his psychic abilities due to his weakness in basically every other area shows that he recognises his own flaws and works to overcome them. In that way he’s a more compelling character than the closest comparison I can think of and that is another of ONE’s creations, Saitama of One Punch Man. Both are extremely powerful and seemingly invincible, but neither of them allow it to go to their heads and show more humility than any person has any right to have.

Another thing that helps the show is the fact that it’s friggin’ hilarious.

Veggie.jpg(It’s good that the cast of VeggieTales is still getting work.)

Almost every episode is chock a block with fantastic comedy, subversions and occasional flat out weirdness, as one might expect comes with having psychic powers.  Reigen in particular is one of the show’s highlights and the ‘techniques’ he uses to dispatch ghosts and rogue spirits are always funny, especially with the dry narration explaining his ‘techniques’. The Redraw Reigen hashtag on Twitter has also spawned some truly amazing things. Mob’s blase reaction to things most people would find terrifying is also frequently glorious. Almost every character in this show has some moment of comedy gold which cements it as one of my favourite shows of this past year.

Really I can’t say much else without spoiling some of the best jokes and plot twists of one of the best anime of the year. It’s just something that has to be seen for yourself to believe. It can be streamed for free on Crunchyroll in its entirety for most countries if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back with more plot next time!


One thought on “Spotlight: Mob Psycho 100

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