Hello people of the internet, plotdotgif here. Being in university I of course have group projects, and one of those group projects was a short video created with a few fellow bloggers with the intention of creating a non-linear narrative. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube. It’s got that kind of G-grade home movie feel to it that some of you might get a kick out of, but I feel happy with how it turned out for pretty much the first film I was ever a part of.

The story essentially revolves around three possible fragmented outcomes for a single scenario that is presented at the start of the video via cold opening, something like a rope that unravels in the middle before coming back together again. Originally it was going to have four different possible scenarios but due to time constraints it had to be edited down. A wireframe of the production can be read through here.

Working on me with this project was Zac of The Range of Film and did pretty much all of the editing and filming of it using Final Cut Pro as an editing software which we used to achieve the splitscreen effect and a Nikon D5 300 to film (despite it being a photography camera), Sarah from Mind, Body & Lipstick who was in charge of location scouting and finally Mel of glancingthroughthelens fame who was responsible for the costume design. All of us were also actors in the project. I had created the original concept and produced the props used in the video.

Some problems we did face during filming were some fairly mundane things. Random people walking through the shot, some rooms not being available to us, concerns about the weather not matching continuity, frames being dropped due to editing, timetables not being able to cooperate with each other, that kind of thing. But we pulled through thanks to the persistence and technological know-how of our group.

So what are your thoughts on the video? Good? Bad? No? Hungry? Leave a comment or reblog if you like.


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