Hello hello everyone! My name is Lewis and I write this here blog. Isn’t it grand?

So some of you procrastinators may be wondering what this here blog is about and an even smaller section of you may be calling out the name here as misleading. Well boo to you guys. This name wasn’t taken yet and I’m going to jump on this thing harder than a pogo-stick on a trampoline.
For starters, this is a blog I’ve made to shine a spotlight on some lesser-known and unconventional stories. Or just ones that are really, really good but for one reason or another haven’t been getting the attention they deserve.maxresdefault1(Like this one for example. The Reward, by The Animation Workshop)

So we have the plot, but why that name? Well, as you will soon learn I have a sense of humor. Some may debate that it isn’t exactly a good one, but those people are big silly doo doo heads. Like most people of my generation I have been exposed to potentially dangerous quantities of the Internet, memes and movies. So you have been warned.

6fipza0(Admit it, you sang along.)

So what should you expect here? A lot of swords and sorcery for one. Because magic is rad. But stick around long enough and you’ll get to know a few tips and techniques that I, a burgeoning writer, use to write my own literature. Maybe some cool artwork that might inspire you to write your own stories, if I haven’t written a story about it already. Or you could continue on with the story I’ve written. Who knows? It’s fantasy, you can make it what you want.
There will definately a variety of medias since I myself draw water from a lot of wells, like tabletop games (specifically roleplaying games), movies, some TV shows, video games, anime, manga, comics, webcomics, internet originals and a whole bunch of weirdness.

Speaking of weirdness, this little blog of mine will probably be subject to some strange and wonderful sights as it is connected to the single largest concentration of weirdness in our little universe, the Internet; which for the uninitiated is a small little black box with a single red blinking light. Don’t touch it. If you break it, it’ll destroy the universe.

I’m going to update this as regularly as I can, so be sure to stick around. Hope I see you around again soon!




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